"Improve Your Club" - Seminars with EJU Experts for Judo Club Coaches

Project: Improve your Club

Seminars for judo club coaches - Technical development for teaching young judoka aged 8 – 12 years

The European Judo Union (EJU) believes that the education and development of judo club coaches/teachers should be treated with the same importance as that which is currently given to the growth of national teams and coaches. Local judo clubs are the starting point for national teams in each federation. For this reason, the EJU from this point onward, will increase the professionalism and preparation of judo club coaches/teachers in keeping with the focus on national teams and coaches.

Beginning in July 2013, the EJU Education sector and EJU Experts Commission developed the "Improve Your Club" project, a unique education programme of seminars. These seminars serve the dual purpose of teaching club coaches/teachers to effectively motivate young people aged 8 -12 years, and how to continue training and competing in judo. In the last years the EJU organised 55 Seminars with more than 5.100 participants in 15 countries.

The EJU experts are available for conducting seminars organised by national federations for their judo coaches/teachers. Any club may apply for a seminar and an expert through and with consent of their national federation (as long as the national federation is affiliated with the EJU).

The expert will edit an official video of each seminar for the EJU library. Participants of the seminars will be given access to official videos from all seminars held from 2013 in Europe.

Project Curator Ms Jane Bridge                  EJU Vice President, Head of Education Sector
Project Director Mr Hiroshi Katanishi         EJU Head Expert Commission
Administration    Ms. Carmen Calvo            Email: carmen.calvo@eju.net

Conditions of the project:

1. The list of EJU experts is published on EJU website: www.eju.net/eju-experts.

2. The title of the seminar: „Technical development for teaching Young judoka aged 8–12 years“.

3. Seminars will be organised in 2 teaching days on Saturday and Sunday.

4. The NF will apply for the seminar and expert using the application Form. In case the required specialist is not available for the date, the project director will recommend another one.

5. The expert will advise the NF on the Programme well ahead of the seminar.

6. The organising NF is obliged to film the seminar on video and provide the video feed to the expert for editing.

7. The cost of expert is charge of the inviting National Federation. Information regarding the costs is available on our expert page.


Upcoming events

31. Jul to 01. Aug 18 Improve your Club Seminar Slagelse, Denmark
29. to 30. Sep 18 Improve your Club Seminar Largs, Great Britain
20. to 21. Oct 18 Improve your Club Seminar Belgrade, Serbia
03. to 04. Nov 18 Improve your Club Seminar Cardiff, Great Britain
24. to 25. Nov 18 Improve your Club Seminar Oslo, Norway

Related events

23. to 24. Jun 18 Improve your Club Seminar Newton-le-willows, Great Britain
21. to 22. Apr 18 Improve your Club Seminar Spilamberto-Modena, Italy
06. to 08. Apr 18 Improve your Club Seminar Chianciano Terme, Italy
17. to 18. Feb 18 Improve your Club Seminar Walsall, Great Britain
16. to 17. Dec 17 Improve your Club Seminar Spilamberto-Modena, Italy

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Mr. Ben Spijkers

 The Netherlands

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